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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pretty Party Treats

At almost every little girl's birthday party, lady's event, or tea party you can be sure to find pretty cupcakes with fluffy frosting, glittering cake pops, and beautifully iced cookies. But what about all the other fabulously dainty and beautiful treats that are so often over looked such as these adorable mini donuts
which you can ice to match the colors of your event. They can be made in a mini doughnut maker or in a deep fryer. The recipe is easy and they look so sweet and pretty when you lay them out.

Fruit is a real crowd pleaser, especially for health conscious individuals, so why not spice things up by making these cuties

so easy, so fun to eat, and so appealing to the eye! You are basically using cookie cutters to make the shapes out of the fruits and then skewering them with lolly pop sticks.

Cotton candy is fun to eat and is such a festive treat! Here is an original way to display it and at the same time add more color, texture, and spunk to your desserts table.

Don't forget about ice cream! No party is complete without that cold sticky goodness. How pretty are these little guys???
You can use store bought ice cream and add food coloring to make different colors, follow this recipe for best results. Make sure to keep them in the freezer until you are ready to serve them so they don't end up making a huge mess. Have fun with rolling them in the sprinkles of your choosing!

Chocolate dipped anything is beautiful AND delicious! The possibilities really are endless as far as what you can dip and how to display it. My personal favorite is dipped pretzel rods

and of course any fruit you can think of can most definitely be dipped (unless you are thinking about dipping tomatoes, I've never tried it so I can't really say...).

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